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What is Marketing?

Back by popular demand, we are running a “What IS…” series of educational seminars and Q&A sessions with small business experts over the next 6 months:

  • October: What IS “Marketing”?
  • November: What IS “eCommerce“?
  • December: what IS “Cash-flow”?
What is Marketing meetup – Monday 8th of October, Brisbane City.

What is a difference between “sales” and “marketing”?

Marketing starts before sales happen

What works, and what doesn’t?

The line between sales and marketing has been blurred, but it does still exist. Both are essential for a business to survive and focusing too much on one or the other also has fatal consequences for your business.

You need to have a mix of both. The devil is in the details. It is common for businesses to do marketing without an effective sales process, or to do sales without effective marketing.

What’s the difference?

Many will correctly identify the outcome of sales as generating revenue, however the answers to the question “what is marketing, and what do you do with it”, that’s another story.

The speakers are…

The easiest way to explain the difference is to show you, and then you can ask questions to see the difference in your situation. We’ve organised Q&A for you to come along to get tips on what you may be doing wrong. More importantly, what you are doing right.

Our panel on the night includes:

  • Daniel Brimblecombe – Marketing Division director.  Lead generation, capture, or conversion?
  • Sally Eberhardt – Author of “Pain-free Networking for Introverts”. What is effective networking?
  • John Gardiner– Former retailer and current network marketer. What is “relationship” marketing?

Get advice from experts, ask them questions about what you could do, and you’ll also get a chance to put the things into practice too.

Who wants more of this?

Who this Meetup is for

  • Students looking for extra income,
  • Business looking for cheap/free marketing options,
  • Networkers looking to collaborate

As well as meeting entrepreneurs and other business owners, you can also meet some of the international students. They are helping run the event as part of the diploma of business unit they are currently undertaking, “plan and manage conferences”.

Some of you may have heard about Marketing Intern programs specifically designed to do work for small businesses for free. Plus, you can get more info on the program and how to apply at this event as well.

Marketing used to be the fun part of business

come along and have fun, and as a bonus, you might just learn something too.

To provide extra value on the night, we’ll give away free access to a Udemy Business Start-up course. This takes you through a 7 step process of the path to market, plus pitching to investors. We also have a WordPress website building course to give away on the night.

Book your ticket today!

Free for the first 20 people that RSVP on Facebook, after that, you will have to contribute $5 (plus booking fee) to the pizza fund to come along.