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What IS “eCommerce”

Back by popular demand, we are running a “What IS…” series of educational seminars and Q&A sessions with small business experts over the next 6 months:

  • October: What IS “Marketing”?
  • November: What IS “eCommerce”?
  • December: What IS “Cash-flow”?
  • February: What IS “Leadership”
Monday 12th of November, Brisbane City

What is a difference between “information” and an “eCommerce” website?

The biggest difference is cost. Wouldn’t you like to know what works, and what doesn’t, before you pay for it?

The line between the types of websites has been blurred, but it does still exist. Both are essential for a business to survive and focusing too much on one or the other also has fatal consequences for your business. A website needs to have a clear purpose.

“If you build it, they will come” does not happen in reality, or virtually!

What’s the difference?

An eCommerce website IS worth spending money on, but only if you will
get a return on your investment. Information websites don’t convert leads to sales very well, but can with some simple very specific options. Do you need both, and in fact, can you do both?

The easiest way to explain the difference is to show you, and then you can ask questions to see the difference in your situation. We’ve organised Q&A for you to come along to get tips on what you may be doing wrong. More importantly, what you are doing right.

Our panel on the night includes:

  • Daniel Brimblecombe – Marketing Division director. What is an effective “landing page”.
  • Rick Blacker – WPEngine pre-sales engineer: Scaling up your digital experience.
  • Shalini Nandah – Legally Shalini: Must have website legals.

Get advice from experts, ask them questions about what you could do, and you’ll also get a chance to put the things into practice too.

Who wants more of this?

Who this Meetup is for

  • Authors/speakers looking to improve their online presence
  • Business looking for sales options
  • Networkers looking to collaborate

As well as meeting entrepreneurs and other business owners to collaborate, find out how you can get access to advice and free training offers on the night.

Some of you may have heard about Marketing Intern programs specifically designed to do work for small businesses for free. Plus, you can get more info on the program and how to apply at this event as well.

Come along and have fun, and as a bonus, you might just learn something. 

To provide extra value on the night, we’ll give away free access to a Udemy Business Start-up course. This takes you through a 7 step process of the path to market, plus pitching to investors. We also have a WordPress website building course to give away on the night.

Getting online used to be the fun part of doing business, but for many, it has turned into a nightmare.
Come along this event and have fun, and as a bonus, you might just learn something too.