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We’ll cover at this event:

The difference between cost, value, and price for customers

Define marketing and sales from a customer needs prospective

How the phrase “we can also do…” may be sending you broke

How to set up your own informal marketing co-operative and support others

Management techniques to turn attacks into positives

Meet the speakers

David Davies

AgUnity Co-Founder

Sally Eberhardt

Author and Networking expert

Ashish Sood

2 x Restaurant Owner

Ashish Sood

Homeless and living on the streets when he came to Australia, Ash dreamed of opening his own restaurant. now he has 2, and every night Ginger and Garlic Takeaway Indian Cuisine invite the homeless in and provide a meal as part of their business operations

Sally has a fair-trade business, and also has a passion for helping people to connect through networking, and needed to learn how to network for her business. Publishing her journey last year in her book “Pain-free networking for introverts”, Sally has loads of tips on how anyone can get themselves out there on a local level and get help through giving first

AgUnity created an app that has the potential to help 1 billion poor farmers worldwide, and has received accolades from all around the globe, including from the World Bank. If you want to do something profound and good for the world, then David wants to talk to you.

Prizes Given Away On The Night Include

  • Marketing coaching sessions

    From supporters and consultants you can talk to and start planning at the event

  • Sally's Book

    Pain-free networking for introverts, and get extra tip for success direct from the Author

  • New Website

    WordPress Information website to convert leads to sales, or landing pages for your existing site

  • Marketing Intern

    Well, we are not going to give someone away, but find out how your business can get free marketing done for you

  • Optimised Promotional Video

    Product promotional video to meet Facebook's ThruPlay measure to get high retention to your call to action

Event supporters:

Wednesday 31st of July

6pm Brisbane City

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