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Free Diploma Training Course FAQs

Is it Government funded?

No, nor is it one of the free courses advertised by TAFE. The course has been developed as many Small Business owners are not happy with the current options.

This course is a collaboration between Small Business owners who also do mentoring and coaching for other Small business in a specialised field. These businesses have made in-kind donations of training content and resources, and the facilitators of the course are paid by the income streams that are generated during the course.

It is more like a “money get” than a “money back” guarantee. The trainers are so confident that what they teach can make money for others that if the trainees don’t make money, we don’t get paid.

How do you earn money while doing the training?

That is what you learn in this course. We don’t shove endless testimonials at you to inspire you to do it, we take you through step-by-step how to do it.

We don’t use a simulated business, this is not a course “in theory”. You get access to a business that already has all the product research, marketing, and online sales process already set up for you to practice selling.

It is just like setting up your own online store because that is what you are doing. You can put whatever product in your store you like. No product is for everyone, and we teach you how to find real customer for whatever products or services you want to sell. Just like you would have to do if you to do if you wanted to sell on ebay, Amazon, or drop-shipping product from overseas.

Is the business we use one of “those” MLM’s?

It is a large international company with a proven business model, and people do make money out of networking and selling products. That is what every small business has to do.

It’s free to join, there is no stock purchase required, and you keep the profits from retailing the products. This is why we have selected this business, and we are happy to take advantage of them.

We could use any business to set up this course, but it is not cost effective to learn different business systems, so we had to pick 1 so we could provide free training.

The free training will initially only be available to new Nu Skin members, as this will subsidise the face-to-face workshops, and help expand the program to new areas and existing member. After you learn how to sell to a defined market, we teach you to set up your own online business selling other products or keep selling the Nu Skin ones too. Total up to you.

How do I get the qualification, and how much will that cost me?

That is something you will have to discuss with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but they usually charge around $1000-$1500 to assess the evidence you supplied. Others may charge you over $3000 if it includes training. We can recommend RTOs that specialize in formalizing experience into a qualification, and may even pay for it if you do well in our course. The difference is when you get a qualification via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), RTOs don’t ask you if you could do it, they ask you when did you do it.

What do you mean I can get formal recognition for parenting skills?

Part of what you learn in the course is how to apply parenting skills in the workplace. We have mapped the teaching from organisations like the Circle of Security International courses to 3 out of the 4 core units of this diploma, including developing and using Emotional Intelligence.

It is based on over 20 years of attachment theory research and seen as essential skills for leaders in a modern business. For Small Business owners it can be used to gain clients, and help limit miscues as to what clients and customers really want.

We suggest people undertake the Circle of Security program, and this includes Mennelials who may find it useful so they are more self-aware and they identify child-like behaviour in the workplace.

How long will it take to complete the course?

That depends on you. there are 6 face-to-face workshops to speed up the learning, but you have work to do before each one to attend, and practice to do after each one.

Let’s say 1 workshop per month, so six months if you are keen, or spread it out over a year. Feedback is most want to all work on the same timetable with the group they meet in the first workshop, and we are all about building a relationship, so encourage trainees to work together and start collaborating using their strengths to help others. Things happen, so if you miss a workshop, just catch the next one. Then you will also expand your network with new people.

But what if I sign up and don’t do anything?

That is up to you, but you must complete the online part of the course before you come to each of the 6 workshops. We need to know everyone has the same knowledge so we can help them use it at each workshop.

We won’t waste your time, or the other trainees by letting you come to the workshop if you are not ready. Not only is that bad for your confidence if you don’t know what to do, but that is also what will add to the cost of the course as we will have to add on more workshops, and we don’t want to have to start charging people.

It’s not that you do understand it, we can explain it in a way you can understand. To do that, it is easier to do it face-to-face, and others at the workshop can help too.