This category is for courses developed by Dr. Sathiya Ramakrishnan (Dr. Sam), a Neuroscientist, researcher, and performance coach in the field of Mental Health.

Hi, my name is Sathiya Ramakrishnan and people affectionately call me Dr. Sam. I worked as a Neuroscientist at Harvard University, USA. I have a Ph.D. in Health & Biosciences from The University of Queensland, Australia.

Helping people and transforming lives is my passion. With two decades of experience working & helping people from multiple industries, I have a better understanding of the mindset behind organisational culture and psychology.

I am a keynote & motivational speaker. I conduct seminars & workshops in the areas of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Emotional Intelligence, and Peak Performance. I am currently offering consulting, coaching, counseling, and strategic advisory services for executives, business owners, and organizations.